Alliance Value

TAAC can Improve your Image and Service Value

Become a TAAC Preferred Consultant!

Trade Adjustment Assistance Center can help New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico businesses compete in today’s global economy by securing cost shared Federal funding for consulting projects. Yet many potentially-qualifying businesses do not know about this valuable program.

Whether you are a service consultant — or you represent a manufacturing or service business association — making your New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico clients and members aware of the TAAC program offered through TAAC could greatly benefit your clients, your members — and you.

NOTE: For clients or members outside of New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico: Refer to the appropriate regional TAAC where your client or member is located. To go to the TAAF website regional listing page, click here.

If you have identified a client or association member you believe would benefit from the TAAF program, you can simply refer them to our website for contact information. Or, If you prefer to discuss the prospects situation with the TAAC before referral, please contact us directly.

TAAC Value to Service Consultants

Making clients aware of the TAAF program benefits your firm by:

  • Enhancing your image with the client by introducing a beneficial government program.
  • Providing cost shared funding for projects the client might not be able to afford on their own.
  • Establishing opportunities for other client funded projects.
  • Participation in competitive bidding for new projects as part of our database of consultants.
  • Referrals to client firms that do not qualify for the program as part of our database of consultants.

Become a TAAC Preferred Consultant!

The TAAC is always looking for consultants and industry experts to work with client firms. We maintain a database of consultants for New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico projects, and there is no cost to be included on our consultant list. To be considered, please contact us for complete details.

Please Note:

  • Consultants are selected for projects by the client firm on a competitive bid basis with the assistance and concurrence of the TAAC.
  • Payments are made by both the client firm and the TAAC directly to the consultant.
  • Costs are shared on either a 50/50 or 25/75 percent (client/government) basis.

TAAC Value to Associations

The TAAF program offers benefits to both organizations and the individual members. For the Association, the TAAF program provides:

  • Public relations opportunities when members successfully participate in the program.
  • Nationwide coverage available through regional centers for all of your U.S. members.
  • Job retention and increased employment for your member companies.
  • Image enhancement through introduction of a valuable government program for members.

If you would like more information on how the TAAF program may benefit your specific organization and its members, or on how to promote the TAAF program to your membership, please contact us today.