Financial/General Management

TAAC Funding Can Provide Assistance to Improve Management of Business and Finances

Financial and General Management Assistance

Financial and General Management Assistance through TAAC can help your New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico business establish more exacting, more profitable methods for controlling business and building healthier financial structure. This can include refinement of your firm's costing system with analysis to determine the areas in need of cost efficiencies.

TAAC Funding Assistance for Financial & General Management can include:

  • Organizational Analysis
  • Human Resources Planning & Executive Search
  • Financial Planning / Debt Restructuring
  • Profit Forecasting and Cash Management Budgeting
  • Cost Accounting Systems
  • Integrated Accounting/Management Software
  • Customized Training Design & Implementation
  • Compensation & Incentive Programs
  • Expansion Diversification & Divestiture Studies
  • Succession Planning

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