Manufacturing Certification

TAAC Funding Can Help to Achieve Lean Manufacturing and Certification

Lean Manufacturing and Certification Assistance

Manufacturing assistance through TAAC provides your New York, New Jersey or Puerto Rico business with full control over your funding package. This Federal Funding can be used to help implement and run improvements to your manufacturing processes and manufacturing classifications that are often specified as part of contractual requirements for manufacturing suppliers.

Assistance for ISO and other Quality Assurance certifications series set international standards for establishing and maintaining a quality management system. A typical Quality Assurance related project could consist of developing a quality management system based on relevant standards, clearly defining those standards for your firm, assuring total commitment from management, identifying gaps between your current quality management system and certification requirements, and assistance with the registration process.

CE Marking Assistance: CE Marking indicates your product complies with all applicable directives and that the product has been subjected to conformity assessment procedures as required by the directives. CE Marking is a requirement for selling many types of products in the European Union.

Federal Assistance to Gain UL Listing

A UL Listing Mark is an indication that Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) found that representative samples of your product meet UL's requirements. Various types of location and/or application specific UL Listing Marks are available.

TAAC Funding Assistance for Certifications Can Include:

  • Documentation Development ISO/Quality
  • Assurance Preparation/Certification
  • Complete Registration Assistance
  • Assistance in Registrar Selection
  • Technical Files Preparation
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Product Certification

TAAC Funding Assistance for Lean Manufacturing and Processes Can Include:

  • Facility/Equipment Review and Layout
  • Operations Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Planning, Control and Scheduling
  • Cost Identification and Reduction
  • LEAN Manufacturing recommendations/implementation
  • Statistical Process Control
  • CAD/CAM Systems Implementation
  • Manufacturing Technology Review
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Production Planning, Scheduling & Layout
  • Cellular Manufacturing Design & Implementation
  • CAD/CAM Selection & Implementation
  • Material Handling Methods

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